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choreography on film #8

surreal, kitsch choreography from La Fee (The Fairy) – 2011 film by  Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy.


choreography on film #7

not great choreography, but a great opening to Bong Joon-Ho’s 2009 film – Mother

choreography on film #6

last night i watched Park Chan-Wook’s genre-bending masterpiece – Thirst.

its basically a horror movie, but avoids all the standard horror movie cliches and conventions, replacing them with beautiful photography, subtle comedy, ambiguous narrative and gorgeous music.

this is my favourite scene where the priest has just discovered his vampirical immortality, and then spots his childhood sweetheart on one of her nocturnal barefoot runs.

choreography on film #5

Jim Jarmusch knows a thing or two about dance.

here’s an awesome scene from The Limits of Control made in 2009

choreography on film #4

Jean-Luc Godard made this supercool dance scene in 1964.

choreography on film #3

after the surreal little choreographic sequence in Surviving Desire proved to be one of the highlights of his career to date, Hal Hartley developed the idea of making his characters dance into this scene in Simple Men. i don’t think it works quite as well as in Surviving Desire, but, in my opinion, still represents the best bit of the movie.

choreography on film #2

a little background: Martin Donovan plays Jude, a teacher who is infatuated with one of his students. here we see him walking the streets soon after their first kiss. the other 2 guys don’t appear anywhere else in the film. just in this parking lot.

this is probably my favourite scene from any movie, ever.